Magnet Schools

Middle and High School Magnet Applications Now Open!
Elementary Magnet Applications will open January 4, 2016

Originally conceived to promote voluntary desegregation in schools in the 1960s, magnet schools continue to provide students with a valuable educational and personal experience through innovative practices and compelling modes of instruction.

Region Schools

Elementary Region Applications will open January 4, 2016

The first choice a parent or guardian makes is where to live. School assignment is based on the residential address of the parent or guardian. Each residential address in Seminole County is assigned to an elementary, middle, and high school attendance zone.


Transfer Applications will open February 1, 2016

It is the philosophy of the School Board of Seminole County to provide families with a variety of transfer options. The goals of the transfer program are to improve the balance of enrollment within the district and to market and implement all transfers addressed in School Board Policy 5.30, Student Assignment.